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Membership Benefits

Being a Intuition member is the first step to a hassle free motoring experience!

Accident Assistance

In the event of a road traffic incident in the UK, your Intuition unit will send our support team an alert to let us know you may need assistance. We’ll contact you to check you’re OK, and to help you with any support you need as a result of the incident.

Roadside recovery

If your vehicle is unroadworthy as a result of the incident, we’ll send a recovery agent to assist you. Our agents will be aware of any personal requirements you may have before they come out to meet you. We will do everything we can to make your vehicle roadworthy again, but in the event that we are unable to do this, we’ll take your vehicle on either to one of our repairers or to a safe storage location, and we’ll also support your own onward travel up to a distance of 100 miles.

Breakdown assistance

In the event that your vehicle breaks down, simply contact Intuition either by telephone or via our mobile phone app. If your vehicle is still under warranty we will arrange for the manufacturer to assist you. Otherwise, our agents will use the information from your Intuition unit to identify the potential cause of the breakdown, enabling them to assist you quickly and effectively.


We understand the inconvenience of getting to your vehicle, only to discover that it has a flat battery or flat tyre. Intuition is here to reduce that inconvenience and hassle. Your Intuition unit will send our support team an alert in the event that your vehicle has either a flat tyre or battery, and we’ll call you to make arrangements to fix these issues, in a way that suits your plans.

Claim Management

Intuition is all about reducing hassle and effort for you, so our team is there to make any incident as stress free as possible for you. In the event that you are unfortunate enough to experience a road traffic accident, as well as taking care of your roadside recovery needs, we will also manage any services you need for ongoing mobility and vehicle repair, and we’ll take care of liaising with your insurer on your behalf.

Intelligent Repair Allocation

Intuition chooses the best combination of repair solutions depending on the vehicle damage, and complexity to repair. As many repairs only require a small amount of work and don’t need the services of a bodyshop operation, Intuition can offer mobile techniques that provide maximum convenience.

If we assess the repair as suitable for mobile we will book a technician to travel to wherever is convenient for you. The technician puts up a rig and can complete the repairs (including paint spray) right there and then. Minimal time without the use of your vehicle and super convenient. If your home location is not suitable, we can take the vehicle to one of our 25 UK wide branches, complete the repair and then return the vehicle to you, all on the same day.

Where your vehicle needs the expert services of a conventional bodyshop due to the severity and complexity of repair, Intuition has a nationwide network of over 130 repairers as well as dedicated teams to handle specialist vehicles.

Windscreen and glass services

As part of your comprehensive Intuition package, we can also deal with any support you may require for glass and windscreen. Remember, it’s always best to deal with a cracked windscreen before it becomes a major problem. Our glass technicians will respond to your needs within an hour and will either repair or replace the glass at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll liaise with your insurer for you.

Mobility Assistance

As part of our claims management support, we’ll identify the most appropriate route for your claim. In the event that you are not at fault for the accident, we may be able to provide you with a like for like replacement vehicle with no upfront costs whilst your own vehicle is being repaired. Where the incident is accidental damage, we will offer you a standard courtesy vehicle for your use during the period of repair.

If the courtesy vehicle is not suitable for your needs, Intuition is pleased to offer you a discounted hire service where we can source you a suitable replacement vehicle at preferential hire rates.

We’ll discuss all your options with you at the time, to ensure you are able to access the right service at the right price.

Discounted services

Being a Intuition member entitles you to discounts offered by our various partners. This partner group extends on a monthly basis. Simply by presenting your Intuition card to the service provider you will be eligible for your discount. Our current service providers’ offer:

  • Vehicle mobility hire
  • Halfords
Look out for updates as we add more partners to our team!